Wrinkle treatment

For those who do not wish to simply accept natural signs of aging, such as wrinkles, as fateful expressions of biology, and would still like to look fresh and show their “inner age” without undergoing a surgical procedure, wrinkles can be reduced with botulinum or so-called “fillers.”

Botulinum therapy

In the treatment of mimic wrinkles (“frown lines” “worry lines” or “crow’s feet” at the outer corner of the eye), we use botulinum A, commonly known as “Botox”.

Botox is a “tenseness blocker” that blocks the transmission of the ‘contract’ command from the nerve to the muscle for about 3-5 months. Botulinum toxin is an organic bacterial protein. When injected into the muscle, it intentionally blocks the nerve impulses there. The muscle can no longer become tense as it normally does, and, after 3 to 5 days, the wrinkles begin to become smooth. While thinner lines require fine and spreadable filling materials, deep wrinkles with volume defects require the use of construction materials in order to visibly reduce wrinkles. In such cases, we only use biodegradable fillers; in our clinic we do not use implants or other materials that remain in the body longer. Such biodegradable fillers include hyaluronic acid, a substance found in the body, which can also be produced through biotechnology, and which is very well tolerated.