Reducing Fat Deposits
through Kryolipolysis

The desire for beautiful body shapes is a social fact that finds a place in our practice beyond moral judgements. Many people suffer from body shapes which they cannot “get rid of” despite numerous attempts with not always harmless sport, diet and discipline efforts.

With cryolipolysis, medical technology provides a way to help people reduce fat deposits that are regarded as unattractive – carefully applied and accompanied by advice.

Fat reduction through heat-cooling technology

The cryolipolysis technique is a proven and painless method in which fat cells die through targeted hypothermia and are transported away via the body’s own metabolism. Other body cells remain unaffected by the treatment.

By alternating the effects of cold and heat during treatment, the fat-reducing effect can be visibly increased in typical problem areas such as abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. This body shaping method already shows visible results after a few applications, which also remain permanently.

Areas of application

The cryolipolis method can be used in a variety of places on the body. These include abdomen, hips, back, upper arms, buttocks, chin & chest area, knee area and thighs.



The fat depot is pulled by vacuum pressure to a special applicator, which reduces the fat cells in three thermally different phases. Temperatures automatically adjust to the thickness of the fat deposit, maximizing treatment success and minimizing potential side effects.


Some fat cells are already removed during the treatment. The majority of fat reduction takes place in the following two to three weeks. The entire degradation process takes up to 12 weeks and is not reversible.

Treatment procedure

Depending on the thickness of the fat deposit and the individual desired result, 1-4 treatments of 90 minutes each are necessary. The treatment should be carried out at intervals of 4 weeks per part of the body.

Advantages at a glance

  • • Patented technology of the European market leader CLINIPRO
  • • Scientifically proven method
  • • Low pain and gentle treatment
  • • Gentle on skin, muscles, nerves and liver
  • • No operation
  • • No injections
  • • No scars
  • • No anesthesia
  • • No downtime
  • • No restriction for athletes

Advice and information

Before the treatment a detailed consultation takes place. All questions about the cryolipolysis procedure will be answered and the body region to be treated will be analysed in advance.

To achieve visible results, we recommend at least two sessions per body area.

Further treatments may be required depending on your personal treatment goals. Our team will be happy to inform you about the course and costs of treatment! We offer a cryolipolysis session of a small area with a duration of about 60 minutes from 190 Euro. We accept cash, EC cards and most credit cards. Please note that payment by instalments is unfortunately not possible.