We operate at a total of three locations. In our main practice in Wiesbaden and in our branch practice in Rüsselsheim we have consultation hours. Outpatient operations are performed in Wiesbaden and Mainz at the Tagesklinik am Brand.

Wiesbaden (Consultations and operations)

Phlebicum Venenzentrum an der Rue
Wilhelmstr. 17
65185 Wiesbaden
Telefon 0611 / 910 24 20

Rüsselsheim (Consultations only)

Phlebicum Zweigpraxis Rüsselsheim
Bauschheimer Str. 14
65428 Rüsselsheim
Telefon 0611 / 910 24 20

Mainz (Operations only)

Tagesklinik am Brand
Am Brand 12
55116 Mainz