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"Phlebicum - my vein treatment center."

"Phlebicum - my vein treatment center."

Phlebicum® - Your Vein Treatment Center in Wiesbaden, Rüsselheim and Mainz.

Phlebicum® is your vein center for Wiesbaden, Taunus and Rhine-Main. Our locations are in Wiesbaden, Rüsselsheim and Mainz.

Specialized in Varicose Veins

We are specialized in the treatment of varicose veins (varicosis), with a special focus on minimally invasive therapy of varicosis with laser, radio wave and vein glue (VenaSeal). Another focus is the surgical removal of lipedema on the legs (liposuction) .

Phlebicum is a facility certified by the Professional Association of Phlebologists (BdP) as a Vein Competence Center plus. We treat privately and legally insured patients.

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Dr. Jochen Peter also in 2022.

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Certified as Vein Competence Center plus


How Can We Help

The therapeutic options are as varied as the individual needs of our patients. In order to make a well-founded recommendation, we attach great importance to thorough diagnostics before any treatment. If a vein intervention makes medical sense, we can select a suitable procedure:

Radiowelle und Venenkleber

Our History

Vis-à-vis the Chamber of Commerce and Deutsche Bank, between Villa Clementine and Naussauischer Kunstverein, our practice for vein treatments has been in Wiesbaden since 1997. It is located in a villa built at the end of the 19th century on Wilhelmstraße or “Rue”, as the most famous street in Wiesbaden is still called.

In 2015, the practice was taken over by Dr. Jochen Peter, who previously worked as a senior physician at the renowned University Hospital in Frankfurt. He developed the practice into today’s vein treatment center and introduced modern procedures such as radio waves and vein glue.

Venenzentrum Wiesbaden Wilhelmstraße
An der Rue: Wilhelmstraße 17

Why Us

We want the best possible treatment outcome for our patients and therefore place particular emphasis on individual consultation and diagnostics.

Dr. Jochen Peter has many years of experience in the treatment of vein diseases, including the modern procedures such as laser, radio wave or vein glue.

He shares his experience as a speaker and course instructor, most recently at the 8th West German Vascular Symposium. He is also active scientifically and publishes articles in recognized journals, such as Phlebology. Dr. Peter is a board member of the German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine.

We can take care of your concerns in Wiesbaden or Rüsselheim, operations are possible in Wiesbaden and Mainz.


Thorough diagnostics

We attach great importance to good diagnostics. It is the starting point for the best possible result.

Phone number for appointment:
0611 / 910 24 20

We are looking forward to your call. If you are unable to reach us, please feel free to email us at


Varicose vein disease can develop undetected and without symptoms in the early stages. In the case of certain signs, such as protruding veins, an examination is indicated.

Modern ultrasound

Ultrasound examinations are the gold standard in the diagnosis of varicosis. This makes modern ultrasound equipment all the more important. We have high-performance models from renowned manufacturers.

This Is What Guides Us

“"The real study of mankind is the human being."
J. W. von Goethe

Your Doctors at the Phlebicum

Studied in Mainz and Marburg. Surgical work at the renowned University Hospital Frankfurt. 2015 Established own practice, specializing in minimally invasive varicose vein treatments.
Studied in Mainz. Many years as a surgeon at Hildegardis Hospital and the Catholic Hospital in Mainz. Since 2020 at the Phlebicum Vein Treatment Center.
Platzhalter weiblich
Dr. med. Ina Hartenfels
Surgeon (emp.)
Decades at the University Hospital of Düsseldorf. Author of more than one hundred scientific publications. Since 2018 with his own coagulation practice in the Phlebicum.
Dr. Azvedo
Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. med. Günther Giers
Specialist in transfusion medicine, hemostaseolog
Studied in Mainz. Trained in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine at Klinikum Darmstadt. Responsible for the good and safe sleep of our patients.
Dr Finior
Dr. med. Lidia Finior
Specialist in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine