Private Vein Practice Mainz

Welcome to our private practice in Mainz

Are you looking for a trustworthy facility for the treatment of vein diseases in Mainz? Then the Phlebicum® Vein Center private practice is the right place for you.

In our private vein practice, opened in 2023 in the venerable Osteiner Hof on Schillerplatz, we offer highly specialized vein treatments and innovative minimally invasive procedures. Dr Jochen Peter specializes in the treatment of varicose veins (varicosis).

A particular focus is on the minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins with laser, radio wave and vein glue (VenaSeal). We have all diagnostic facilities in the rooms at Schillerplatz. Operations are possible in the nearby Tagesklinik am Brand or in Wiesbaden at our main location.

The health of your veins is important to us. Make an appointment with our experienced doctors to receive a comprehensive consultation and choose the best treatment option for you.

Our team at the private vein practice in Mainz

In unserer modernen Privatpraxis in Mainz bietet Dr. med. Jochen Peter, Facharzt für Gefäßchirurgie und anerkannter Phlebologe, persönlich fortschrittliche Behandlungen für Venenerkrankungen an. Mit seinem fundierten Fachwissen aus dem Studium an der Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz und weiterführenden Qualifikationen in minimal-invasiven Techniken, leitet Dr. Peter das Venenzentrum Mainz. Hier kommen innovative Verfahren wie Laser, Radiowelle und VenaSeal zum Einsatz, um die Lebensqualität unserer Patienten nachhaltig zu verbessern. Engagiert in führenden Fachverbänden, ist Dr. Peter nicht nur ein Pionier in seiner Disziplin, sondern auch ein gefragter Redner und Ausbilder in der Welt der Gefäßmedizin.

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Specialist for vascular surgery
Studied in Mainz and Marburg. Worked in vascular surgery at the renowned Frankfurt University Hospital. established own practice in 2015, specializing in minimally invasive varicose vein treatments.
Opening hours
Appointments by appointment only.
Schillerplatz 1 (in the Osteiner Hof) 55116 Mainz
Contact us
+49 6131 144 18 60 praxis@phlebicum.de
By appointment. You can make an appointment here

Our location in Mainz

The Phlebicum Vein Center is located at Schillerplatz 1 (in the Osteiner Hof). This central location makes for easy access. To access the center, go through the large entrance portal into the rear area to the gate. You will find the bell system on your right. Please ring the bell for "Phlebicum" so that we can open the door for you. You will find our rooms in the inner courtyard on the left-hand side. Parking is available a few minutes' walk away in the parking garage at Schillerplatz.

Further location in Mainz

The Day Clinic am Brand is located at Am Brand 12. Only outpatient and short inpatient operations for patients who already have a surgery appointment. Parking is available in the parking garage at Brand, which is located in the same building complex.

Telephone: 06131 972 290
Fax: 06131 972 291 9
E-mail: info(at)tagesklinik-mainz.de

Phlebicum offers modern procedures such as laser therapy, radio wave therapy and vein glue therapy, foam sclerotherapy and stripping.

  1. Varicose veins (varicosis): Varicose veins are dilated and tortuous veins that often appear on the legs. They can cause pain, swelling and discomfort. Phlebicum offers a variety of innovative techniques to treat varicose veins, including laser therapy, radio wave therapy and vein glue therapy.
  2. Spiderveins: Spider veins are small, visible veins that usually appear on the skin of the legs. Although they do not usually cause serious medical problems, they can be treated for aesthetic reasons. At Phlebicum, we use advanced procedures to effectively and gently remove spider veins.
  3. Lipedema: Lipedema is a chronic fat distribution disorder that is often associated with swollen legs and pain. Phlebicum offers surgical liposuction to remove lipedema in order to improve the patient's quality of life.
  4. Other vein problems: In addition to the main problems mentioned above, we also treat other vein conditions, which can vary from patient to patient. Our experienced team of specialists is on hand to make an accurate diagnosis and develop individual treatment plans.
  • Dr. med. Jochen Peter
    • Specialist in vascular surgery
    • Studied in Mainz and Marburg
    • Surgical work at the renowned Frankfurt University Hospital
    • Specialized in minimally invasive varicose vein treatments

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